Tire types and specifications. Ways to save on winter tires. Winter tire material and tread

If you have already thought about what to “put on” your car during the winter, we will help you with the choice and guide you in understanding the problem. Therefore, winter tires are a way to protect you and your loved ones. For further info, click here: uniroyal tiger paw touring review

Tires are one of the main and costly items for car maintenance and, if you haven't figured out what winter tires are yet, we'll try to get to the bottom of the matter.

When to change and buy winter tires

Most car owners know that the car should be changed shoes when the thermometer's columns sleepily rise to + 5 ° C, and the temperature continues to fall every day, as does the ruble exchange rate in the context of news from the rubles. Persian Gulf countries. If we talk about it from the point of view of calendar standards, then it will be from October to November.

Types of winter tires and their characteristics

The winter tire device is quite complicated. Its main element is a tread made of wear-resistant rubber. The base connects the tread with the inner layers of the tire and is responsible for reducing rolling resistance and reducing shocks caused by shocks.

The steel cable works to increase the stability of the tire shape, increase driving stability and increase mileage.

Under the steel cord, there is a joint made of textile cord that resists internal pressure.

The cord is protected by a housing made of special strips, which in turn are made of rubber.

Smooth cushioning, as well as stability of controllability, are guaranteed by a wing tape welded to the tire rim, closest to the wheel.

However, all of these are just general features inherent in all winter tires. But we need to understand its main types to understand what our car will be wearing this winter.

Winter tires with nails

This type of tire was designed to drive on an icy road. If you try to conquer asphalt on cobs, you should know that your attempt at absence is bound to complete the failure. On paved roads, the tire grip with nails is poor.

The benefits of studded rubber:

· Spikes work great on snowy and icy roads

· The braking distance on ice with a studded tire is much shorter than that of a "flat" tire

The disadvantages of studded tires:

· The wet road crosses all the positive qualities of studded tires. In wet and dry asphalt peaks, they significantly increase the braking distance and reduce skid resistance. In loose snow, as well as on marshy dirt roads, studded tires quickly “dig” a car and can even put it “in the belly”.

· Driving comfort is reduced due to the noise of tires equipped with spikes

· Spikes destroy the asphalt road (in some countries, studded tires are illegal for that reason)

· These tires, although slightly, but still increase fuel consumption

Winter tires without nails

Nailless rubber is divided into the European and Scandinavian classes. The first was designed to offer the best grip on wet or wet snow-covered roads. The main feature of these tires is a network of drainage channels on the floor and powerful claws on it.

The advantages of rubber without nails:

· Excellent performance for dry and wet floors

· The rubber that non-stud tires are made of does not "float" at a high temperature and does not reduce vehicle handling

· Low noise floor

· Do not damage the road surface

The disadvantages of tires without nails:

· Not suitable for driving on icy roads

Ways to save on winter tires

Illiterate economy

· Using winter and summer tires.

· In general, there is nothing to talk about. Walking on ice with summer tires is an unjustified and, at the same time, fatal risk.

· Use of used winter tires.

· 50% of used winter tires, although they look new, do not have the characteristic qualities of high quality tires for winter driving. If you take into account that you can use such a keyless for more than one season, then saving in this case is a ghost that generated your desire to save.

· The use of "all season".

· Using an incomplete kit.

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